Clothes For Everyone

Clothes For Everyone

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Manglam Vikas Sansthan

Clothes For Everyone

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charity event

At Manglam Vikas Sansthan, we aim to provide the necessities to the less privileged, homeless, orphans, and elderly which includes providing Cloths as well. During winter, it gets cold… too cold; and during Summer, it gets too hot that you are mostly sweating during the day unless you are under AC.

Which is why, you would need appropriate cloths during each of the seasons… but for under privileged, homeless, orphans, and elderly; it isn’t easy to get these without much of a decent income source. This leads to, people suffering from cold during the winter, and un-comfort during the summer especially for homeless, children, and elderly.

Help us in letting them having a bit of comfort during these cold Winter, and hot summer by contributing a small amount of your desire. This would help them having decent cloths for seasons, and would bring smile on their faces as well.

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