Stopping Child Labor

Stopping Child Labor

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Manglam Vikas Sansthan

Stopping Child Labor

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build school for poor

Child labor is one of the problems that hinders children’s from getting necessary resources that are required for them grow as a healthy person for phytologically & physically. Compared to past, child laboring is reduced but it is still present to the extent that most of the time we unknowingly take it as normal that a Child is working to earn the living for self or for someone else.

It is one of the problems that hinders children from having the brighter future and keeps them from achieving the heights that they could reach with some of the necessities like Good Education, Healthy Environment and Food. This is why we help in stopping the Child Laboring by our various initiatives.

Want to help in the cause? Step up by contributing a small amount of your desire, and help our future generations in having a better prospective, and resources so they can reach the heights they originally could.

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