Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

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Manglam Vikas Sansthan

Women Empowerment

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women empowerment

Compared to past women have better standing, but in rural areas women still have tons of restrictions that they need to comply with.  Today, we see women in leading roles. But still there are people who have prejudices against women, and they tend to convey those thoughts to women that are part of their life e.g. their descendants, and women that are in contact with them. This leads women to have thoughts that they are not equal.

And to prevent this, and to bring the everlasting change; we help people by portraying the image women are equal, and we help them by showing the world where women have equal standing and are in leading roles i.e. with our awareness programs, and our dedicated  Volunteers as well.

Apart from this, we promote women education, this leads them to have open thoughts rather than being restricted by prejudice around their surroundings. And, you can help us reach more areas to empower more women with Education & Awareness so they are not restricted with the old way of thinking. You can help us by donating the amount of your desire, that will be used towards the direction of women empowerment. Take the stand, contribute to the cause of Women Empowerment today!

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