Help us Create Awareness

Help us Create Awareness

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Manglam Vikas Sansthan

Help us Create Awareness

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Most of the time people who can help bring a change are not aware of the common problems in the society and even when they are, they don’t know how they can help in bringing the right changes.

We help these individuals by making them aware through various awareness programs related to making things better for them and the society as well. This also includes programs related all the common problems like rights & government schemes for people, things related to Child Labor, Need of Educations, and much more.

These awareness programs help making a change bit by bit, although it is a long process. We believe, it will have a lasting change. And, if you want to be a part of it, you can contribute to it by donating a small amount that will help us in manpower and resources for achieving it. You can also contribute by become a volunteer, please check Become Volunteer page for same.

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